Wherever you are in the world, you can take part in the campaign to stop Air France-KLM transporting primates for vivisection.

Air France-KLM, their subsidiaries and shareholders have offices in nearly every country across the globe. They also have maintainance sites, cargo hubs and land at airports around the world. Organise a demonstration today and place pressure on AF-KLM to stop flying primates for vicious laboratory experiments.

Why not hold a picket or leaflet outside your local travel agents and spread the word about Air France-KLM's dirty dealings in the global primate trade and vivisection? Encourage their customers to boycott the airline and inform everybody about the prmates imprisoned and suffering in crude experiments.

It takes two minutes to send an email to Air France or one of their affiliates, voicing your support for the campaign in defence of the primates and in disgust at their involvement in such a horrific trade. Find contact details on the menu to the left and
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Your money is what keeps airlines like Air France-KLM trading. They have made financial losses over the past several years, the last thing they need right now is a lack of custom. Refuse to fly with Air France-KLM whilst they transport primates, instead opt for one of their counterparts who refuse to transport animals for labs. Click Here to sign the boycott pledge.

As a company controlled by it's shareholders, Air France-KLM will take notice when people and companies refuse to invest in their sickening business. Sell your shares in them whilst they transport animals for vivisection and let them know why you refuse to own their stock.

There's no excuse for dealing in vivisection. Together, we can and will bring down this archaic trade...